Sculpting Fantasy Creature Busts with James Doyle

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No prior knowledge or experience in sculpture needed.
All materials are always supplied and included in costs in Katz Atelier classes.

This course focuses on Sculpting the Bust (head, neck , shoulders) of a Fantasy Creature so that we can reach a higher level of juicy detailing.

In this course James Doyle (Weta Digital, Weta Workshop, A44) walks us through the fundamentals of sculpting as we build armature and sculpt a creature or monster bust that you have designed. Students need to come to class with a sketched out concept (this can be rough) which they will sculpt. This does not have to be an original creation, for those struggling with ideas you can sculpt an existing IP (eg. Godzilla)

Saturday and Sunday Mornings over 3 weekends

9am -1pm.

27th + 28th Nov.     4th + 5th Dec.      11th + 12th Dec.

This course is a 6 week course condensed into 3 weeks.

The Atelier will be open in the afternoons for extra uninstructed sculpting time

$400 materials all included.

Students will get one block of clay included, if you wish to make an even larger sculpt you can purchase an additional block for $50

You are required to email rough concepts of the creature you want to sculpt before the course starts so that James can prepare for specific design choices

Please note that we have moved upstairs to 3b/15 College Street